Neosave Course

About the course

baby1Throughout the world, every day, babies are born early or in poor condition requiring special, high dependency and intensive care. We designed the NeoSAVE programme to help experienced staff to meet the challenges that this brings and to give them additional confidence which will help them to save the lives of more babies and help these vulnerable infants to reach their full potential. The programme is designed to give staff skills which will help them to anticipate problems before they occur so that every baby can receive the same safe, evidence based care that they deserve, irrespective of where they are born.

Designed for neonatal and paediatric medical and nursing staff, respiratory therapists, midwives and emergency staff, the two day course gives theoretical and practical education in neonatal stabilisation, transport, ventilation and emergency care. We have also added a one day neonatal cardiac stabilisation programme, to make the course fully comprehensive.

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Course Topics

  • Blood Glucose Homeostasis and Fluid Management
  • Stabilisation of the infant with surgical anomaly
  • Thermoregulation and early thermal care
  • Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy and care of the Infant requiring Therapeutic Hypothermia
  • Airway Management – Care of the infant requiring non invasive and invasive ventilatory support
  • Neonatal ventilation – acid base balance, ventilation modes, ventilation strategies, understanding compliance monitoring, future developments in ventilation
  • Blood Pressure Management & Monitoring – Choosing the right inotrope
  • Stabilisation of the blue baby & understanding PPHN
  • Neonatal Sepsis
  • Neonatal Transport – stabilisation of the medical & surgical baby, physiology, legal issues & troubleshooting
  • X-Ray Interpretation, Umbilical Catheterisation Emergency care – management of pneumothorax/pericardium
  • Caring for Families during their SCBU/NICU journey
  • Palliative and bereavement care


Practical Skills

Practical skills tutoring by experienced neonatal clinicians is delivered alongside the comprehensive teaching programme.  These include:

  • endotracheal intubation and tube fixation
  • umbilical arterial and venous lines
  • understanding ventilators


What the Delegates Say

11794333_531070077045556_1322293319397765234_o“It was an excellent course. It was so good to refresh on anatomy & physiology and gain the understanding of why circumstances cause certain responses – I like to know why! It was good to hear other units ideas and enjoyed networking. I enjoyed the PPHN and fluid management sections because it was so practical. PPHN can be a difficult condition to manage but it gave good solutions and practical advice. I would definitely recommend this course. It would be great for more Doctors to attend too. Great for updating skills and for helping junior staff. It was just great – you should be very proud!!” Chelmsford Course 2015 – Sister

“A great course. Really enjoyed the fluid management lecture. Will never forget the oscillation dance…one, two, three, hup”
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Course 2014 – Consultant

“An excellent two days. Have so much to take back to our unit to change our practice. Really enjoyed the blood pressure, cooling, ventilation and fluid management sections.” Basildon Course 2014 – ANNP

“An excellent two days – thankyou! Will be sending all of my staff – we just love you guys!” Ashford Course 2014 – Neonatal Ward Manager

“Very much enjoyed this course. It was interesting and enjoyable. I found the talk on ventilation informative (especially HFOV as not used this ventilation before). I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues – it was well worth travelling for” Taunton Course 2015 – Neonatal Nurse

“An excellent course. I wish I had gone on it before I was a Registrar. It is like the neonatal job survival guide. Would definitely recommend” Basildon Course 2014- ST4

“This course was a really good follow up to the neonatal intensive care course I finished last year. The humour was great – it made me feel comfortable. Gained lots of reminders making sense of lots that was woolly. I m0st enjoyed sepsis, blood gases and PPHN. Relaxed atmosphere made it easy to learn. Humour and scenarios really helped. Would I recommend it? Yes, yes, yes – really good two days” Taunton Course 2015 – Staff Nurse